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As a Leading Network of Premium Contractors, the following services are available now: Bathroom Countertops Sales and Installation services with a variety of design choices and the latest fixture options to fit your new design plans. Our expert contractors also offer Marble & Granite Bathroom Countertop Installations, Formica Bathroom Countertop Installation, and Soapstone Bathroom Countertop Installations. These options can last for many years with proper care.

The network of expert licensed contractors at Bathroom Ideaz offer all of the most attractive and affordable Bathroom Countertops. Bathroom experts can install custom countertops that are seamless and free of surface flaws and crevices that can harbor and grow bacteria or mildew. Modern, Cultured-Marble Bathroom Countertops are made with textures and colors that appear to be made of real marble. With little upkeep, these surfaces can wear well, for many years. Our network of skilled contractors specialize in bathroom countertops, offering both installation and repair services, including new bathroom construction projects of all sizes for both residential and commercial customers. Custom marble countertops include the Installation of Integrated Bathroom Sinks for every application. Each contractor has plenty of photographs of ideas to show you, or you can provide your own. For a per-square-foot pricing estimation on the best bathroom countertops, call Bathroom Ideaz right now at 866-928-0390.

Bathroom Countertops Installation

Granite Bathroom Vanity-Tops Installations

Granite is one of the most durable Bathroom Vanity Countertop materials known. It is suitable for practically any setting, since it can withstand heat, dampness, and scratching, and it is extremely likely that your new granite vanity will outlast the house! Granite can also withstand the heat, so that you won't have to worry about your countertop melting or getting burn-marks from a hot pan. You can hire a professional expert contractor through Bathroom Ideaz for Granite Bathroom Vanity-Tops Installation Services. You don't have to look anywhere else for Granite Bathroom Vanity Tops because the network of contractors through Bathroom Ideaz offer every possible countertop material.

Install Marble Bathroom Vanity Tops

Marble is also a very durable stone that can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Walking in and seeing your custom marble bathroom-countertop might be a wonderful way to start your day. It gives any bathroom a sophisticated appeal. Marble is also heat resistant, so it can't be damaged by bathroom countertop heaters. Marble Vanity-Top Bathroom Installations are offered by a network of expert contractors through Bathroom Ideaz, so contact us now for a free consultation with an expert from our network of contractors.

install marble bathroom vanity tops

Quartzite Bathroom Vanity Tops installation

Another kind of stone countertop is Quartzite Stone, which is a relatively new stone on the market that is more durable than marble and less grainy than granite. Quartzite Bathroom Vanity Tops Installations have a more nuanced flow than marble, although it is not as delicate. It can withstand daily use, however, it must be sealed on a regular basis. Quartzite Bathroom Vanity-Tops are naturally reflective and can give your space a wonderful aesthetic. Quartzite Vanity Countertops can withstand daily usage without requiring excessive upkeep, so you don't have to be quite as careful with your Quartzite-stone bathroom vanity-top, as with some other surface choices. Contact Bathroom Ideaz for Quartzite Bathroom Vanity Tops sales and installation quotes.

Onyx Bathroom Vanity Tops Replacement

Onyx is a layered stone made of Calcite that generates beautiful formations with a wide range of colors. Depending on whether the onyx slab material was Cross-Cut or Vein-Cut, these formations are often in "cloud-like" forms with dramatic striations. Installation of Onyx Bathroom Vanity Tops through one of our network of Onyx Bathroom Countertop specialists, provides a unique and decorative charm that no other material can match. Onyx is primarily for interior applications, such as commercial and residential bars, bathroom vanities, wall cladding, and interior aesthetic components in public building designs. Because Onyx is a softer, more porous stone, it is susceptible to damage from chemicals and abrasion, just like Marble. Call Bathroom Ideaz today for a Top-Quality Onyx Bathroom-Vanity Top from some of the top contractors in the Bathroom Remodeling industry.

Install Limestone Bathroom Vanity Tops

The premium Vanity Top contractors through Bathroom Ideaz offer a variety of Bathroom vanity countertop alternatives from which to choose. Limestone Bathroom Countertops are made of a softer stone than your other choices, thus it is more likely to get scratched or chipped. You can keep it looking fantastic for years with a little extra care. Because of its broad scope of applications, limestone may be used in practically any bathroom design. Because acidic juices react with Limestone Bathroom Vanity Tops, they must be cleaned off just as soon as any liquids are spilled (like your morning orange juice that you are drinking in the bathrrom as you get ready), to avoid corrosion or discoloration. Call Bathroom Ideaz today, and we will connect you with one of our top, expert Limestone bathroom vanity contractors.

Soapstone Bathroom Vanity Tops Installation 

Soapstone is one of the best low-maintenance stone vanity tops, and it provides a beautiful countertop surface with its smooth texture. Unlike other stones, you won't need special cleaning supplies, and it won't stain if you drop practically anything on it. Soapstone bathroom vanity countertops don't need to be sealed, as long as you don't cut anything on them or drop anything on them. Installing Soapstone Bathroom Vanity Tops by a bathroom countertop expert contractor, from a raw slab, has the advantage of eliminating the need for a template if your surface area is generally square. Contact Bathroom Ideaz today, for a soapstone bathroom vanity countertop, available in a range of colors.

soapstone bathroom vanity tops installation

Travertine Bathroom Vanity Tops Installation

Bathroom Vanity Tops made of Travertine have no aesthetic or functional limitations. Your choice of a Travertine Countertop combines the advantages of being both beautiful and functional. Bathroom countertops made of travertine can imitate a wide range of decorative styles. Travertine Bathroom Vanity-Top Installations are incredibly resilient, making them an excellent choice for use in bathrooms and other interior or outdoor applications. Because Travertine can absorb liquids and then stain permanently, a surface sealant must be used. The network of Travertine Bathroom Vanity-Top Contractors through Bathroom Ideaz offer Travertine Bathroom Vanity Tops for any application. Bathroom Ideaz has the best network of expert contractors and designers to remodel your bathroom.

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